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Nadia Antova
Born in Varna in 1980
Family. With Kostadin Traikov have two daughters. +359 879 00 22 53

• From 1994 to 1999 she graduated "Fine Arts" - sculpture at the National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov" - Varna in the studio of Prof. Plamen Bratanov.
• In 1999 she was admitted in "Scenography" specialty at the National Art Academy in Sofia and studied two semesters in the studio of Prof. Krasimir Valkanov.
• In 2000 she was admitted to the Faculty of Fine Arts of the National Academy of Sofia in "Sculpture" speciality at the studio of Professor Boris Gondov. Her works are typical and are marked by a distinct individuality in the chamber, boutique style.
• In 2004 she graduated successfully, and her sculptures were bought by the famous architect of Varna arh.Venelin Zhechev for his private collection.

• From 1997 to 1999, she paints portraits and landscapes in different techniques for private collectors.
• In 1998 she teaches drawing in a private school to children age from 5 to 10.
• From 1999 to 2003 she worked seasonally in summer art workshops at the resorts near Varna.
• From 1999 to 2001 she is an artist of two training films and has experience in stage design and stage makeup.
• In 2007, she created a design of two books of poetry.
• In 2008, she painted series of custom family portrait by techniques of oil painting and drawing.
• Since September 2010, she teaches sculpture and drawing at the National School of Arts "Dobri Hristov" - Varna.

• From April to September 2009 she is author and lead trainer in applied mosaic course of the project "Traditional and interactive training through art for young boys with drug problem”. All the group made nine panels decorative mosaic presented at the final exhibition.
• In 2010, she participates in second project of “Chitalishte Prosveta” Varna as a scenography and painter of the chamber theater performance "Lizelota and May" directed by Alexander Ilindenov.
• In 2010, as a teacher at NUI "Dobri Hristov" Varna she is a co-author of the project "Young Talents of Varna dedicate an exhibition to International Children's Day" first international solo exhibition of students in "Fine Arts" speciality in the art school.
• In 2011, she is a co-author and coordinator of the European project "Expressions in Form" under the "Lifelong Learning program" sector program "Leonardo da Vinci" - educational and creative practice for 14 students majoring in "Fine Arts" at NUI "Dobri Hristov" Varna. The practice was in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, region Messina, Sicily, Italy.

• From 1994 to 1999 she participates in a lot of students exhibitions, and in 1998 she was awarded for her sculpture composition "Portrait of Zlatka
• August 2011 - plenner painting exhibition "Naked Sea" in gallery "Active Art" Varna
• September 2011 - plenner painting exhibition "By the Sea" in gallery "As Art" Varna
• October 2011 –exhibition "ladies from Varna paints the sightseeing of Varna" covered by Association "To Preserve the Woman" in gallery "Municipality of Varna". The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Varna, Mr. Kiril Yordanov.
• November 2011 - mixed exhibition Sculpture and Painting "Winter memories of summer impressions" in gallery "Active Art" Varna.
• March 2012 - mixed exhibition "Drawings" at Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna
• March 2012 - exhibition "Ladies invites" in gallery "Uka" Varna
• June 2012 - exhibition "Female portraits" in gallery "Active Art" dedicated to anniversary of the Association "To Preserve the Woman".
• On 15 of December 2010 she opened his first solo exhibition “Sculpture” in the Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev" - Varna, where she presents 17 of her sculptures in bronze, glass, ceramics and precious stones. The exhibition was opened by architect Venelin Zhechev.

• Between 2000 - 2004, as a student, she participates in several plenners of sculpture.
• July 2011 - painting plenner "By the Sea" organized by gallery "As Art" Varna
• August 2011 - painting plenner "Naked Sea" organized by gallery "Active Art" Varna
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